The pubs worth going to in Dublin, Ireland

If you’ve ever been to the UK or heard about drinking culture there, you know pubs are the place to be. Dublin is a city full of local, traditional pubs as well as some fancy, contemporary ones. Despite what you’re in the mood for, here are 3 (budget friendly) pubs that you can hit up when in Dublin.

1. The Old Storehouse

Located in the downtown area, also known as Temple Bar, this bar/ restaurant has a traditional and local vibe despite its size. Most nights there’s a live band preforming various songs. Some days they do an Irish show, where they preform Irish songs and other nights you can hear a variety of songs. There are 2 floors- the downstairs area is where the bar is and that’s where you would be if you’re only there for a drink and the upstairs area is more of a dining area. Regardless, good music is played everywhere, the service is fast and the prices are decent (especially for a bar/ restaurant in that area). The servers recommend ordering their local beer: Five Lamps.


 2. Crowbar

Right around the corner of Temple Bar, this is a small, hidden and cheap-er bar. There are two sections with different types of music and correspondingly atmosphere.  You walk in, order your drink at the bar and find yourself a table. This pub is one of those, dark, wooden themed, traditional styled with many candles small tables spread out. If you go on a Friday, there will likely be live music in both halls. This is a good bar to go to if you want something chill- the music isn’t too loud, so you can talk to the people you’re with and it’s not overcrowded and full of tourists. The bartender recommends getting their most popular cocktail: Whiskey & Ginger-ale (for about 8- 10 euros).

3. Mulligan and Haines

A bar with a huge salon, an upstairs and a downstairs area, this place is perfect for large groups. The tables are spread out, with nice red leather couches to sit on. It’s a pay as you order type of place, so no need to worry about tracking the waiter down if you’re in for a quick drink. The music is very house- techno, with contemporary remixes of popular songs. It can get pretty loud, so it’s probably not the best place to go to if you want a nice and quiet evening. Moreover, you can see a diversity of people in this place, from 18 year-old students to couples in their 60’s. The service is good and they serve food too. Personal recommendation: New Fashioned cocktail- whiskey with hints of orange, vanilla and lime (about 10 euros).

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