Off- Season in Borovets, Bulgaria

Borovets is a small ski resort, about an hour and a half out of Sofia. It is a popular destination for both tourists and locals in the winter months due to its various ski slopes, spa hotels and close proximity to the capital. During the summer this resort can also get quite popular because of the several hiking trails available and once again the spa hotels.

However, in the meantime- early spring and fall, you don’t hear much about this place, which is great! Here’s why…

1. Hotels turn into private accommodation

If you book a hotel for the winter or summer, the chances of it being super crowded and full are very high… But, if you go in late October for example, you will likely feel as if you booked the hotel for yourself. This is good news for those who want to be alone with their significant other or for big groups. In either case, you can be loud without worrying that anyone will hear you or complain, you don’t have to wait in line for breakfast and you get the sauna and spa all to yourself!

2. Restaurants and cafes are not overcrowded

Walking through Borovets you will see that there are various restaurants and cafes. Usually when it’s in season getting a good table is pretty hard as most restaurants are packed but when it’s off- season you usually have the option of going wherever you want and whenever you want. A bonus is that the food gets served quickly and it’s probably fresh since they are cooking just for you (or at least a small amount of people).


3. Prices will likely be cheaper

Everyone knows that when you go on vacation in peak- season everything is overpriced- because it can be. Well, the good thing about this during off- season is that all of the souvenirs, clothing, equipment and food are cheap or at least at a normal. Lower price than what they would be otherwise. This is the best news for budget- travelers because that means you get good quality stuff for a good price.


4. Horseback riding is magical

Something fun to do anytime you visit Borovets is go horseback riding at Horse Riding with Butch. If you go when it’s super busy you have to make an appointment pretty ahead in time. Also, during the ride you it’s not as calm and quiet- as in there are a ton of people on the trails and cars on the road. Nevertheless, doing this during off- season you get a truly unique experience. You have the trail all to yourself and really the whole city. The trainers/ instructors are nice and can take the time to tell you about the horses and what they do. They speak English too!


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