The purpose of this website and blog is to aid fellow travelers in discovering not only new destinations but various aspects of these destinations. I aim to provide travel guides, give writers/ bloggers a platform where they can share their stories and create a community of drifting souls that are not lost but are simply curious.

Who Stands Behind This

I. T.

It simply doesn’t matter where I’m from, how old I am, where I’ve studied and what I do for a living. The most important thing you should know is that I travel.
I travel to escape reality.
I travel to find myself.
I travel to learn.
I travel to forget.
I travel to discover.
I travel to rediscover.
I travel for the memories. 
I travel for the stories. 
I travel with friends. 
I travel alone. 
I travel near.
I travel far. 
I travel to explore. 
I travel to work. 
I travel to help others. 
I travel to help myself.
I travel in hope for new beginnings. 
I travel in hope for happy endings.

I very much appreciate feedback and enjoy reading other people’s works, even checking out their photography, so feel free to share any travel inspiration or information.
I. T.

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